Participate and Help Save Scotch Valley!

Ways to Help

Donate your time

In order to form a not-for-profit organization to save and operate Scotch Valley we need people to donate their time. Below are postitions that are what we need.

  1. A Lawyer to donate their services to create Scotch Valley not-for-profit organization
  2. Board members — preferably local business owners, farmers, community leaders who realize the value that a reopened Scotch Valley Ski area would bring to the community.
  3. A Tresurer to handle the money.

If you can do one of these above please contact me Tighe Lory at

Contact Your Legislator

If enough of us contact our local legislators we may be able to secure a State of Federal grant to help finance the purchase of Scotch Valley and reopen the resort.

Keep in Contact

It is very important to keep up to date on progress of this effort so please do the following:

  1. Join the mailing list
  2. Join Save Scotch Valley Facebook Group
  3. Follow the Save Scotch Valley Blog

Sign the Petition

Please sign the petition to save Scotch Valley.

Raise Awareness

Posting the Save Scotch Valley Poster will help to bring more people to this Web site and increase its chances of succeeding.

You Can Help!